Museum Necropoleis of St. Petersburg. A Brief History

  • Vladimir N. TimofeevEmail author
  • Yuriy М. Pirjutko
Part of the Geoheritage, Geoparks and Geotourism book series (GGAG)


The history of the Museum Necropoleis of St. Petersburg is presented from the time when they were created to this day. Their uniqueness as the first open-air museum in Russia is shown. Various periods in the life of the museum are described, alongside with the history of the monuments of exceptional historical and artistic value. The background is provided on architects and sculptors who took part in the erection of artistic gravestones from various materials. Information is given on the current state of the collection, restoration of monuments, the history of their study. The modern period in the history of the Necropoleis, lines of research and practical activities of the Museum of urban sculpture aimed at preservation of the unique collection of artistic gravestones, is described.


Museum necropoleis Museum of Urban Sculpture St. Lazarus cemetery Necropolis of the 18th Century Tikhvin cemetery Necropolis of Masters of Arts Artistic gravestones History Restoration techniques 


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