Green Healthcare Economics: The Financial Incentives

  • Nina S. Godbole
  • John P. Lamb


The case studies described in this chapter include examples of how green healthcare can not only help “save the planet” from global warming but also save the healthcare system significant money. So, green healthcare is a true “win-win” opportunity. Not only do you help society in the battle to combat climate change, but you save money doing it! It should be noted that the case studies in Chaps.  10 and  11 also give examples of how green healthcare saves money, but the focus in Chap.  10 is green healthcare opportunities in US hospitals, and the focus in Chap.  11 is how green healthcare is being practiced worldwide. The significant value in looking at green healthcare case studies, for both large and small healthcare facilities, should be to take the opportunity to take advantage of the case study lessons learned.

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