Case Studies for Green Healthcare at US Medical Colleges and Large and Small US Hospitals

  • Nina S. Godbole
  • John P. Lamb


The case studies described in this chapter include “lessons learned” for medical colleges and large and small hospitals in the United States. Universities offer a rich environment for green healthcare innovations and best practices. Not only do they have the administrative systems common to any large healthcare facility, but with their university research departments, they have many groups of researchers in varied fields who can help improve the university healthcare energy efficiency and carbon footprint.


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  • Nina S. Godbole
    • 1
  • John P. Lamb
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  1. 1.Researcher in Healthcare & Green IT, Certified Green IT Professional, Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/IT), IAPP (USA)PuneIndia
  2. 2.Math DepartmentPace UniversityPleasantvilleUSA

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