Diagnostic Meta-Analysis: Case Study in Surgery

  • Eliana Al Haddad
  • Hutan Ashrafian
  • Thanos AthanasiouEmail author


Surgery and surgical research are continually expanding fields that derive from the increasing global volume of surgical patients and pathology combined with the growth of surgical capability and novel technological innovations. As a result, there are associated diagnostic requirements due to the expansive nature of available surgical techniques, tools, and surgical evidence. Diagnostic accuracy meta-analysis can help clarify diagnostic decisions in all elements of the surgical patient pathway including the quantitative synthesis of evidence for (1) specific elements to the pre-, peri-, and postoperative period, (2) surgical and medical pathology, (3) advances in disease imaging and tissue guidance, and (4) awareness of new devices ranging from operative monitoring/diagnostic devices, stapling instruments, and robots. The process and methodology of diagnosis meta-analysis in surgery is described with contemporary surgical cases. Techniques of data presentation and analysis are reviewed for surgical procedures and pathologies. Barriers and typical problems in surgical diagnostic meta-analysis are also considered and discussed. Diagnostic meta-analytical techniques can offer a prime solution through which to process the ever-increasing volume of surgical outcome data into meaningful information for enhancing clinical outcomes, supporting safety, and developing the next generation of cutting-edge surgical technology.


Diagnostic Meta-analysis Surgery Operation Intraoperative Preoperative Postoperative 


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