Vascularized Bone Grafts

  • Thomas Mücke


With the introduction of microsurgery, even patients with severe defects due to trauma, tumor, infections, or deformities can be treated successfully with the concept of dental rehabilitation by using implants. In the past, concepts including obturator prosthesis or reconstruction plates limited the possibilities of full dental rehabilitation including a sufficient quality of life. Since the use of different microvascular bone grafts, patients can be treated reliably by individual perfused bone containing additional healthy tissue for coverage and reconstruction of form and function. In the following chapter, we would like to present the operative procedures with examples illustrating the key steps of each free flap presented. Although microvascular free flap surgery containing bone is complex, the important points are emphasized and explained.


Microsurgery Reconstruction Jaws Fibula free flap Iliac crest free flap 


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