The Equality of In-Court Testimony

  • Asma Lamrabet


A pejorative assertion against Islam, extracted from a single verse concerning “attestation” between creditors and borrowers, is that a woman’s testimony is worth half a man’s, totally disregarding its logic, women’s unfamiliarity with financial transactions, and evidence of equal testimony in other areas, such as the transmission of the spiritual message, and adultery, which requires four eyewitnesses. If one or the other is unable to produce witnesses, the Qur’ān allows the resolution of matter by the pledging of oaths: swearing four consecutive times, before God and in front of a judge, to the accuracy of his/her testimony, followed by a fifth invoking divine curse upon oneself, if untruthful. This verbal encounter between them symbolizes an egalitarian exchange of evidence, via equal testimonies, with each person’s conscience being the only judge.

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