Wrist Scar Contracture, Hand Deviation: Anatomy and Treatment with Trapeze-Flap Plasty

  • Viktor M. Grishkevich
  • Max Grishkevich


Hand burns can be complicated by scar contracture of the radial or ulnar wrist and hand border. The contracture restricts mobility of the hand. Multiple techniques are currently used for scar tension release. We have tested most of these techniques in our practice, and the results were unsatisfactory. The use of local triangular pointed flaps posed obvious limitations. A literature review confirmed that the management of hand border/wrist contractures has not been sufficiently studied. This article provides a description of the anatomical features of scar border contractures of the wrist and presents an effective method for contracture elimination with the use of trapeze-flap plasty.


Wrist contracture Wrist burn Wrist scars Joint wrist surface Scar fold formation Scar surface deficit Trapezoid flap Trapeze-flap plasty 


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    Grishkevich VM. Postburn hand border contractures and eliminating them with trapeze-flap plasty. J Burn Care Res. 2010;31:286–91.CrossRefPubMedGoogle Scholar

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