Differentiated Thyroid Cancer with Brain Metastasis

  • Gülin Uçmak
  • Burcu Esen Akkaş


Differentiated thyroid cancer is associated with favorable prognosis. The presence of distant metastases is generally rare. The most common sites of distant metastases are the lungs and bones followed by the brain and liver. Even with distant metastases, the 10-year survival can reach up to 50% in a majority of patients. However, the prognosis of patients with brain metastases generally differs and associates with cancer-associated mortality. In this chapter, the clinical progression and the diagnosis of brain metastases on follow-up are presented in a patient with papillary thyroid carcinoma.


Brain metastases Thyroid cancer Progression Thyroglobulin 


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  • Burcu Esen Akkaş
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