Minimally Invasive Follicular Carcinoma

  • Elgin Özkan
  • Çiğdem Soydal


A 56-year-old male patient with multiple nodules in both thyroid lobes underwent a left lobectomy due to a nodule with a 3.5 cm diameter in the left thyroid lobe. Histopathological examination of the surgical specimen revealed a minimally invasive follicular thyroid carcinoma (MI-FTC) without vascular invasion. After completion thyroidectomy, additional tumor foci were not detected in the right lobe. The patient received radioiodine ablation treatment (RAT) with 3700 MBq (100 mCi) iodine-131 (131I) 2 months after the operation. During the RAT, the serum thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and thyroglobulin (Tg) levels were measured as 30 IU/ml and 19.5 ng/mL, respectively. Six months after the RAT, a diagnostic whole-body scintigraphy with 185 MBq 131I was performed to evaluate the ablation success. The serum-stimulated Tg level was <0.1 ng/mL, and a 131I whole-body scintigraphy was normal. The patient was followed up with neck USGs, serum suppressed and/or stimulated Tg levels, and/or 131I diagnostic whole-body scintigraphies for 10 years. The patient exhibited no clinical evidence of disease at the final follow-up.


Follicular thyroid carcinoma Capsular invasion Vascular invasion Radioiodine 


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  • Çiğdem Soydal
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