Thyrotoxicosis Caused by Functioning Metastases of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

  • Gülin Uçmak
  • Burcu Esen Akkaş


Differentiated thyroid cancer is a malignant disease with favorable prognosis. The rate of distant metastases is rare. In general, metastases of well-differentiated thyroid cancer carry the main biological features of the thyroid cells such as Na-I symporter gene expression and thyroglobulin synthesis, since the cell does not transfer to an undifferentiated form. However, thyroid hormone synthesis by distant metastasis is uncommon. However, rarely hyperfunctioning distant metastases from DTC after total thyroidectomy can be seen and may result in hyperthyroidism or euthyroidism. In this chapter, the clinical management of a patient presenting with thyrotoxicosis due to hyperfunctioning bone metastases of thyroid cancer is discussed.


Hyperfunctioning bone metastases Differentiated thyroid cancer Thyrotoxicosis Radioiodine therapy Antithyroid therapy 


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