Follow-Up of Nodular-Multinodular Goiter: When Should the Operation Be Performed?

  • Ali İlker Filiz
  • Taner Kıvılcım


Thyroid nodules are a commonly encountered clinical condition. The follow-up criteria for thyroid nodules principally rest with patient’s history, thyroid hormone levels, imaging features, and biopsy results. In this case, a nodular thyroid disease, which was reported as follicular neoplasia, was discussed. Additionally, the management strategy in case the results of fine needle aspiration biopsies are different among several cytology reports as in our case was also discussed. The interesting part of this case was that an incidental malignant nodule was found in the opposite lobe of the thyroid after the operation.


Thyroid nodule Follow-up Follicular neoplasia Benign cytology Micropapillary carcinoma 


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  • Ali İlker Filiz
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  • Taner Kıvılcım
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