Is Surgery the Treatment of Choice for Every Thyroid Nodule?

  • Semra Günay
  • Orhan Yalçın


The correct diagnosis of the thyroid nodule begins with clinical examination, interrogation, biochemical detection of the hormone level and ultrasonography (USG), and, if necessary, fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC). The FNAC decision is based on the clinical and radiological (USG) characteristics of the nodule. At this stage, it is essential to classify the nodule according to current knowledge and guidelines regarding the risk of cancer. Thyroid nodule diagnosis is prevalent, but no surgical treatment is needed to treat all of them.

A 29-year-old male patient with a diagnosis of papillary microcarcinoma who underwent surgical resection for a solid thyroid nodule was presented. While describing the clinical process of this case, the limits of surgery (total thyroidectomy–hemithyroidectomy) were discussed.

The correct implementation of procedures for the operation decision, the evaluation of the results, and the place of concept of work multidisciplinary in the whole process were reviewed according to current guidelines.


Thyroid nodule Ultrasonography FNA Risk stratification Thyroid cancer risk Thyroidectomy Hemithyroidectomy 


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  • Orhan Yalçın
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