Fibrin Injection in a Hemorrhagic Cystic Thyroid Nodule

  • Haluk B. Sayman


In this case report, a new technique to be used in the treatment of hemorrhagic cystic thyroid nodules among the other historical therapeutical modalities was described. A two-component fibrin sealant, which contains two of the proteins—fibrinogen and thrombin—that make blood clot, was introduced into cyst cavity after punction by a syringe under ultrasonography guidance.

The follow-up ultrasonographies consequently showed the significant volumetric regression of the cyst in time. Hence, this method is recommended for the treatment of hemorrhagic cystic thyroid nodules as an alternative modality.


Thyroid Cyst Nodule Hemorrhagic Fibrin 


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  • Haluk B. Sayman
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  1. 1.Nuclear Medicine, Cerrahpaşa Medical FacultyIstanbul UniversityIstanbulTurkey

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