Morton Neuroma

  • Seth W. O’Donnell
  • Brad D. Blankenhorn


A common complaint and source of disability, Morton neuroma results from compression of the interdigital branches of plantar nerves. Conservative treatment options should be exhausted prior to surgical interventions.


Morton neuroma Intermetatarsal ligament Foot pain Plantar nerve 

Which is the most common location for a Morton’s Neuroma?

Between the third and fourth toes (third web space) of the foot

What structure frequently causes the compression?

Intermetatarsal ligament

What structures are frequently compressed?

Interdigital branches from both medial and lateral plantar nerves

What are the disadvantages to a plantar surgical approach ?

Increased wound problems, painful scar on the weight bearing surface of the foot

What are some common nonoperative therapies?

Wide toe-box shoes, steroid injection, metatarsal pad

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