Congenital Hip Dislocation

  • Jose M. Ramirez


Hip pathology is frequently encountered by pediatric orthopedists and represents a wide spectrum of disease. Treatment of congenital hip pathology is graduated depending on the extent of involvement and can involve harness application, bracing, casting, closed reductions, open reductions, and reconstructive procedures.


Hip dislocation Barlow Ortolani Pavlik harness Newborn screening Alpha angle 

What are risk factors for CHD?

First born, breech, family history, female, oligohydramnios

What is the Barlow exam maneuver?

Dislocation of flexed, adducted femur with axial load

What is the ortolani exam maneuver ?

Reduction of dislocated hip with flexion, elevation, and abduction

What is a normal alpha angle?

Greater than 60°

What is the preferred treatment of a reducible hip in a patient <6 months of age?

Pavlik harness

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