Local Management of Enteroatmospheric Fistulae

  • Elizabeth R. Benjamin
  • Demetrios DemetriadesEmail author


  • Enteroatmospheric (EA) fistula is a dreaded complication of abdominal surgery that is becoming increasingly common with the use of abdominal damage control procedures.

  • Fistula isolation is imperative for effective management.

  • Management of EA fistulas requires characterization of the fistula location and output as well as understanding and mitigating contributing factors.

  • The goal of EA fistula management, prior to surgical management, is isolation and conversion of the EA fistula into an enterocutaneous fistula using wound coverage and grafting techniques in order to simplify wound management.

  • Operative intervention to excise EA or enterocutaneous fistulae should be done electively, several months after the index operation in order to minimize complications due to adhesive disease.

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