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Surgery for Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma

  • David W. OllilaEmail author
  • Shachar Laks
  • Eddy C. Hsueh


The treatment of patients with stage IV metastatic melanoma has undergone a radical transformation since 2011. Previously, the only realistic curative-intent option for these patients was complete metastasectomy. This approach was only applicable to a highly select subgroup of patients with oligometastatic disease that was deemed resectable. This chapter briefly examines the newly approved targeted and immune-modulating therapies and discusses their role in the context of metastasectomy. Specifically, we discuss data supporting complete metastasectomy in patients with M1a, M1b, and M1c disease. Finally, we examine the role of combination therapy employing the newly approved, efficacious, agents, in a neoadjuvant fashion prior to complete metastasectomy, or as adjuvant therapy following metastasectomy.


Melanoma Stage IV Metastasectomy Prognosis Metastasis Multidisciplinary care 


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