Calcium Hydroxylapatite for Hands

  • Tatiana Basso BiasiEmail author
  • Vinicius Pollo Pires


  • Context: The hands can reveal aging through surface pigmentary changes, loss of skin thickness, and ectatic dorsal veins. Calcium hydroxylapatite is a biocompatible, non-antigenic, biodegradable, opaque material that is a viable treatment option for rejuvenating the hands by increasing their volume and reducing the visibility of blood vessels and tendons.

  • Objective: The aim of this chapter is to present the authors’ technique for application of the calcium hydroxylapatite as a volumizing agent in the back of the hands in a practical view. It includes detailed information about materials involved, techniques, follow-up, results pre-post, adverse events, and treatment of complications, with literature-based information and procedure tips.

  • Conclusion: Calcium hydroxylapatite is safe and effective for volumizing the back of the hands and associated with high patient satisfaction.

  • Funding: None.


Aging hand Hand rejuvenation Calcium hydroxylapatite Filler 


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