Hyaluronic Acid for Frontal and Glabella Areas

  • Maritza L. Kummerfeldt


During the procedure of facial rejuvenation, there are injections of hyaluronic acid placed in the frontal and glabella region, with and in some instances without previous neuromodulators’ intervention.

It is imperative to obtain complete knowledge of the anatomy of the region, the differences between all types of hyaluronic acids available in the local market, and the different techniques to obtain the best results (Salasche et al., Forehead and temple. In: Surgical anatomy of the face, vol 14. Appleton & Lange, pp. 163–182, 1998)

Using the correct form of antisepsis, the chosen type of hyaluronic acid is injected using a deeper technique, in which blunt cannules are used or with a blanching skin technique all based on the specific needs of the patient.

Side effects and complications may occur as in any other region; for that reason, it is important to keep them in mind and take the proper precaution to immediately diagnose and treat the patient.


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