Feminist Dissent in Literature and Art: Sisterhood, Motherhood and the Body

  • Zsófia Lóránd
Part of the Genders and Sexualities in History book series (GSX)


This chapter shows the ways of expressing feminist ideas in art and literature, as well as the ways feminist theory and feminist art support and influence each other. The possibilities of women’s creativity and the concepts of the body, violence and motherhood are in the focus in this chapter. While, as described in Chapter  2, the “women’s question” was replaced by the concept of feminism, the ideological shift here was marked by the replacement of the concept of “women’s literature” with žensko pismo, inspired by the French écriture féminine. While feminist art and literary theory was emerging, artists and writers with feminist work or work that was in dialogue with the feminist issues appeared on the Yugoslav art scene as well, and the author reveals the discursive interactions between these.

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  • Zsófia Lóránd
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