Guided Injections of the Posterior Hip

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This book chapter details various image-guided techniques used to inject potential sources of posterior extra-articular hip and pelvic pain. A discussion of relevant anatomy is first reviewed, with detailed color anatomic illustrations. Multiple radiographic images are included, demonstrating patient positioning, approach, and needle positioning. Pudendal nerve perineural injections are discussed in two separate locations: first near the ischial spinous process and second at the pudendal (Alcock’s) canal. Next, piriformis muscle injection techniques are explained with both fluoroscopic and CT guidance. Lastly, sacroiliac joint injections under CT guidance are reviewed. Injectate medicines, postinjection care, and possible complications are also discussed.


Image-guided injections CT (computed tomography) Fluoroscopy Posterior hip Pudendal nerve Obturator internus Piriformis Sacroiliac 



Special thanks to Michael Stadnick, MD (Radsource – Brentwood, Tennessee, USA) for creating the medical illustrations (Fig. 6.1a–c) for this chapter, used with permission.


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