Single Anterior Incision Steel Triple Pelvic Osteotomy

  • M. Chad Mahan
  • Ira ZaltzEmail author


Untreated acetabular dysplasia is associated with deterioration of labral and chondral structures and the eventual development of osteoarthritis of the hip. The goals of surgical intervention are to relieve pain and to slow the progressive joint deterioration by stabilizing the hip. The triple pelvic osteotomy remains an important treatment for acetabular reorientation in selected skeletally immature patients. This technique allows for dissection of the pelvis enabling osteotomies and acetabular reorientation without violating the periosteum around the triradiate cartilage. This technique includes several modifications of the original described by Le Coeur in 1965. The single-incision technique provides limited soft tissue dissection and improved cosmesis and can be performed in the supine position thereby allowing accurate intraoperative radiographs.


Acetabular dysplasia Triple pelvic osteotomy Triradiate cartilage 

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