Morscher Osteotomy

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At this point in this book, the reader shall begin to grasp the key points that may help in the preparation and execution of osteotomies around the hip. Let us now focus the attention on proximal femoral growth disturbances affecting the lateral femoral offset, the femoral neck length, and the overall limb growth. First, a clear definition of femoral growth disturbance will be offered, followed by the description of typical indications for performing a Morscher osteotomy in the context of an open surgical dislocation. A surgical technique will be suggested. The ultimate goal of the surgical treatment must be individualized to address the level and the extent of the proximal femoral growth deformity.


Morscher osteotomy Femoral neck lengthening Femoral osteotomy Greater trochanteric distalization Femoral growth arrest Legg-Calve-Perthes Surgical hip dislocation 


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