Shelf Acetabuloplasty Using Inner Table of Iliac Bone as Graft

  • Adolfredo Santana
  • Mehmet Serhan Er
  • William G. MackenzieEmail author


Shelf acetabuloplasty is a procedure indicated when other redirectional and reconstructive procedures can’t be optimally used. All reported techniques have used the outer table of ilium as a graft. Our technique utilizes the inner table of the ilium as a graft and has several advantages over the standard shelf procedure.

The surgical technique as described in this chapter keeps the large, stable, and smooth concave cortical surface of the graft just over the capsule serving as a buttress. There is the option of sparing the elevation of the gluteus from the outer table of the ilium. The abductors do not need to be elevated from their origin on the ilium, and this potentially improves postoperative abductor function.


Shelf acetabuloplasty Surgical technique Inner table Graft 

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  • Adolfredo Santana
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  • Mehmet Serhan Er
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  • William G. Mackenzie
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    Email author
  1. 1.Orthopedic DepartmentNemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for ChildrenWilmingtonUSA

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