Reliability of GaN-Based Power Devices

  • Gaudenzio Meneghesso
  • Enrico Zanoni
  • Matteo Meneghini
  • Maria Ruzzarin
  • Isabella Rossetto
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No new product is possible without reliability: this is especially true for new and emerging technology, such as gallium nitride-based devices. For GaN power transistors, breakdown mechanisms play a significant role. The reduction of the robustness and of the long-term reliability still represents a serious issue that must be taken into consideration. The first part of the chapter deals with the above mentioned aspects and mainly focuses on the permanent degradation induced in GaN-based devices by off-state time-dependent mechanisms.


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  • Enrico Zanoni
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  • Matteo Meneghini
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  • Maria Ruzzarin
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  • Isabella Rossetto
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