Wrestling with Angels: The Pedagogy of the Prose Poem

  • Patricia Debney


Teaching the prose poem presents unique challenges for both tutors and students. Drawing on long-established postgraduate and undergraduate modules devoted to the theory and practice of prose poetry, in this essay Debney explores her methodologies and contexts for successful engagement with the pedagogy of the prose poem. From avoiding the urge to ‘define’, to highlighting the necessity for ‘liminal’ space, to locating subjects and themes which have the potential for developing a prose poem series, Debney’s approaches edge us closer to making the elusive prose poem. The resulting student work critically questions boundaries, and experiments with how we arrive at tension and purpose in our work. Ultimately, Debney shows how the pedagogy of the prose poem can influence students throughout their writing careers.

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  • Patricia Debney
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  1. 1.University of KentCanterburyUK

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