The Palliated Univentricular Heart

  • Rafael Alonso-Gonzalez
Part of the Congenital Heart Disease in Adolescents and Adults book series (CHDAA)


The most significant area of growth in adult congenital cardiac practice is in relation to patients with complex univentricular hearts. These patients represent the extreme end of the ACHD spectrum and demonstrate unique manifestations of heart failure. This chapter describes, in detail, the underlying pathophysiology of these changes focusing on patients who have undergone Fontan or cavopulmonary operations. The possible therapeutic options for these patients are explained in terms of their specific impact on the abnormal haemodynamics. The multisystem impact of heart failure and the importance of other end-organ involvement are discussed particularly in the context of timely referral for transplant assessment.


Univentricular heart Fontan failure Liver disease Protein-losing enteropathy Transplantation 


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