Introducing Standards Successfully

  • Reinhold Stahl
  • Patricia Staab


The right approach is crucial for successful data standardisation and integration. Any work with a dataset should have at its beginning the understanding of the content. Here, a data dictionary provides for order and serves as a base for the definition of a data structure.

The use of modern information technology (IT) cannot replace a sophisticated data and process model suitable for daily use. First there has to be an intelligent concept, then its realisation on an IT platform. Data integration takes time, and therefore it should be a strategic decision aimed at a long-term, evolutionary process.

Building comprehensive data worlds often means that the “data providers” have to shoulder the largest portion of the effort, whereas the direct benefits lie with other parties. This constellation calls for honesty (a clear analysis of where and how adding information to a central data collection offers added value to the company—and inclusion) a clear role concept involving all stakeholders.

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