• Chow Yiu Fai
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The final chapter draws together the empirical accents of the book to argue that perhaps, for the Chinese women included in this inquiry, precarity is a human condition known to them, suitable for them, and available to them. If the question of whether “precarity” is a male-centric and Western-centric notion is posited, it is not intended to ignore the down sides of all these precarious lives of our time, but to foreground the gender and culture specificities of the notion. This epilogue reiterates the proposal to revitalize the politics of recognition alongside the politics of redistribution, to recognize what the women have done, and are capable of. It inspires an ethics of care, a plea for more people to refuse what is expected of them, to live differently, to be more sure of their capacity to take care of themselves, despite and because of all the struggles. After all, they love zheteng.


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