Less Than Zero

  • Ashley M. Donnelly


Chapter four gives an in-depth analysis of Less Than Zero, Bret Easton Ellis’s first novel and a shining, crystal clear example of blank fiction. Released in 1984, Less Than Zero is an excellent start for a deep analysis of a work of blank art, allowing readers to dive into the world of the unique style and content of such a work, with full explanations by the author as to how the style is crafted purposefully to appear a certain way; but then, once again examining the context of the work in terms of its political, cultural, and economic situation historically, the author shows how subversive the style actually is, explaining the truly powerful nature of the style and the author.


Commodification Death Emptiness Void Depthlessness Drugs Branding Alienation Violence Rape Apathy Slogans Elitism Emotional response 

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