Nanobiotechnology in the Health Care: The Game and the Goal

  • Asra Parveen
  • Raghunandan Deshpande


Nanomedicine plays an important role in the future advances of analytical and therapeutic methods. There are various methods to synthesize nanoparticles like biological, physical, and chemical. Nanomaterials are important materials used extensively to study its applications in therapeutic medicines, sensing, optoelectronic, molecular imaging and catalysis, etc. In recent years, nanotechnology has modernized the progress in developing the biological sensors. Nanobiosensor research focuses on the development of innovative technologies for significant contributions in the fields of detection of human and animal diseases. Nanomedicine attempts innovative solutions like glucose sensors, artificial pancreas, biodegradable nanocarriers, and oral delivery of insulin in treating diabetes mellitus. The cardiovascular nanoimaging is a simple diagnosis that helps in real-time tracking during surgery and treatment. Biofunctionalized nanoparticles are under extensive progress for the development of nanomaterial-based drugs and cancer detection. The study deals with the promising complex identification and analysis and treatment of various diseases. The size, shape, stability, and surface characteristics make nanoparticles more attractive and compatible in various fields. This chapter discusses briefly different practices of nanoparticles in important and vast medical areas.


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