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  • David J. Shayler
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In March 1965, just ten days prior to the launch of Gemini 3 and three months prior to the mission of Gemini 4, NASA issued a News Release which began with the above quote [1]. This short release was a general introduction to the new Mission Control Center, Houston (MCC-H) that would be inaugurated with the Gemini 4 mission and which would go on to become an icon in the history of NASA’s quest for the Moon and beyond. Indeed, over fifty years after those words were written, a new Mission Control room at the Johnson Space Center, Houston (the Manned Spacecraft Center was renamed after former President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1973) is in constant contact not only with the crew on board the International Space Station, but also with control centers in Moscow, Russia, in Germany, and in Japan. The two words “Hello Houston” have been synonymous with America’s human spaceflight program for over five decades and will continue to remain at the forefront of America’s future in space for some time to come.


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