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A computer malfunction

  • David J. Shayler
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Orbit by orbit, hour by hour, the mission ticked away, with the astronauts progressing through the flight plan and adapting not only to working in Gemini but also to living inside its cramped confines. There were challenges for the ground controllers in the MCC as well. Stuck inside a windowless building for hours on end, they were free from the humid heat of a Houston summer day but not from the stresses of constantly monitoring their consoles to ensure that all was proceeding well. But there were moments of levity as well. At one point, the Blue Team Operations and Procedures Officer, Jim Timberland, called the control room to inform them that “if you need me, I’ll be at [this] extension.” Confused, the other person asked “Where’s that?” Timberland replied “In the front elevator – stuck.” Fortunately, he was not stuck there for long and was soon back at his console.


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