Lanthanide-Doped Tellurite Glasses for Solar Energy Harvesting

  • Venkata Krishnaiah K Email author
  • Venkatramu V 
  • Jayasankar C. K. 


To meet an ever-increasing energy demand, it is of prime importance to utilize the solar energy effectively for improving the efficiency of silicon (Si)-based photovoltaic (PV) cells. So far, Si-based solar cells are ruling the global market due to their large availability and flexible price. On the other hand, lanthanide-doped materials exhibit the high photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) in the visible and near-infrared regions. Recently, these materials can be integrated with the Si solar cells to create an additional electron-hole pairs through optical conversion (upconversion and downconversion) processes. However, it is crucial to identify the suitable materials which convert light energy into electrical energy. Lanthanide-doped tellurite glasses have the advantages over other low phonon energy materials (i.e., fluoride glasses) that exhibit the properties including low phonon energy, wide transmission (ranging from visible to infrared region), and high refractive index. Low phonon energy of tellurite glasses favors in the enhancement of photoluminescence quantum yield for optical conversion. Moreover, high PLQY glasses could be employed on the top and bottom of PV cells to improve the photocurrent further. In addition, TiO2-modified lanthanide-doped tellurite glasses may also enrich the photocatalytic activity in the visible region of electromagnetic spectrum.



Dr. K.V. Krishnaiah is thankful to RGMCET for providing the necessary facilities. One of the authors Dr. C.K.J is grateful to DAE-BRNS for the sanction of mega research project (NO.2009/34/36/BRNS/3174) under MoU between SVU, Tirupati; RRCAT, Indore; and BARC, Mumbai. Dr. Venkatramu is indebted to DST, New Delhi, for the sanction of India-Portugal bilateral research project (No. INT/PORTUGAL/P-04/2017) under scientific and technological cooperation.


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