Relational Competences

  • Carine Musete
Part of the Principles of Specialty Nursing book series (PSN)


Healthcare professionals need to develop relational competences in order to care the patient in an efficient and pertinent manner, a double expertise about themselves and the other. Own consciousness and listening the other are the pillar to adapt the care to the patient’s needs.

They are often facing difficulties, which we well call “emotional reaction” or “defense mechanism.” It is then crucial that the healthcare professionals understand the outcomes and the emotional process that might influence the relation with the patient, taking into account this underlying notion of fear of death. The intrapersonal intelligence that represents the awakening of consciousness embraces several notions like mental representation, emotions, needs, and responsibility. These notions will foster this work of transformation, which the caregiver will have to go through in order to enter the relational competence.


Awakening of consciousness Needs Mental representation Listening the other Accompanying Adaptation Relational competences 



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