Mini-Gastric Bypass Using Single or Reduced Number of Ports

  • Mohit Bhandari
  • Winni Mathur


Single incision mini-gastric bypass (MGB) is preferred by most young unmarried morbidly obese individuals. The availability of wide-based single incision platforms has made a single incision bariatric procedure less complex and more feasible with safety. Gastrointestinal (GI) anastomosis with a single incision approach is the most technically challenging step, but can be safely performed with a standardized approach.

MGB envisages a long tubular pouch with a wide GI anastomosis based on the principle of non-obstructive malabsorption. The results of MGB at our center with the single incision approach are similar in terms of perioperative complications and percentage of excess weight loss. The single incision approach does not offer any additional benefit apart from cosmetic advantage.


Mini-gastric bypass Weight loss Single incision Laparoscopic Bariatric surgery Single port Bypass procedure Cosmetic procedure 


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