Sintering by Low-Voltage Electric Pulses (Including Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS))

  • Eugene A. Olevsky
  • Dina V. Dudina


In this chapter, the principles and physical mechanisms of low-voltage electric pulse sintering (including spark plasma sintering (SPS)) are introduced. The low-voltage electric pulse sintering equipment is described. The experimental and theoretical analyses of the temperature distribution specifics and the possibilities of temperature control under SPS conditions are presented. Various physical phenomena of thermal and nonthermal (field) nature occurring at micro- and macro-level during SPS are discussed. The analyzed thermal factors include macroscopic temperature gradients, local temperature gradients at the inter-particle contacts, high heating rates, and thermal diffusion. The analyzed field factors include electromigration, the possibility of plasma formation, electroplasticity, and breakdown of oxide layers at the inter-particle contacts. The respective constitutive models of SPS are introduced. The results of coupled electromagnetic–thermal–mechanical finite element solutions of SPS problems are described. Various processing and testing methods developed using SPS equipment are analyzed. Selected examples of processes and materials developed using SPS, including SPS-based joining, are introduced. SPS-based surface engineering and processing of porous materials are introduced in addition to the description of SPS of dense bulk materials.


Spark plasma sintering Heating rate Temperature gradient Inter-particle contact Plasma Grain growth Constitutive modeling Field-assisted sinter-forging Creep Material joining Surface engineering 


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