Root Hair Growth and Development in Response to Nutrients and Phytohormones

  • De-Jian Zhang
  • Yu-Jie Yang
  • Chun-Yan Liu
  • Fei Zhang
  • Qiang-Sheng Wu
Part of the Soil Biology book series (SOILBIOL, volume 52)


Root hair is tubular projections from the root epidermal cell. In general, root hair formation results in a significant increase in root surface area, which plays the important roles in nutrient and water uptake, plant anchorage, and interaction with soil microorganisms. In this chapter, we discussed the effects of mineral nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium) and phytohormones (auxin, ethylene, jasmonic acid, methyl jasmonate, strigolactones, and brassinosteroids) on root hair growth and their relevant mechanisms. Interaction exists between nutrients and phytohormones on root hair growth and development. Especially, the interaction between auxin and ethylene plays an important role in regulation of root hair development. The effects of jasmonic acid, strigolactone, and brassinosteroids on root hair growth partly depend on the way of auxin and ethylene. As a result, more works are needed to clone the genes of additional root hair mutants and elucidate their roles, as well as undertaking reverse genetics and mutant complementation studies to add the current knowledge of the signaling networks, which are involved in root hair cell fate specification, initiation, tip growth, and maturation regulated by nutrients and phytohormones.


Auxin Calcium Ethylene Phosphorus Root hair Phytohormones 



This study was supported by the Yangtze Youth Fund (2016cqn64) and the Yangtze Initial Fund (801190010132) of Yangtze University and the Plan in Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Outstanding Young, Hubei Provincial Department of Education (T201604).


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