Endoscopic Interventions for Complications in Bariatric Surgery

  • Manoel Galvão Neto
  • Lyz Bezerra Silva
  • Luiz Gustavo de Quadros
  • Josemberg Marins Campos


Bariatric endoscopy deals with treating bariatric surgery complications, postoperative weight loss failure and weight regain, and primary obesity itself. As the number of bariatric procedures done worldwide continues to grow, interest about bariatric endoscopy among surgeons and endoscopists is growing.

The traditional approach to these complications has been surgical, through reoperations and revisions generally associated with significant complication and mortality rates. Recently, due to its less invasive nature, endoscopic endolumenal approaches are being increasingly used. However, guidelines, training, and instructional material in this area are scarce.

In this chapter we describe therapeutic endoscopic approaches to the most common bariatric surgery complications, such as gastric band slippage and erosion, ring complications, strictures, ulcers, and leaks. Also, we present a brief review of the endoscopic options to treat weight loss failure and weight regain.


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