Documentarian-Abstractness (DA)

  • Dan Geva


This chapter presents the first of the four-fundamental-concepts-of-the-documentarian in three consecutive discussions, each of which relates to the configuration of the concept of Documentarian-Abstractness (DA). Borrowing from Ferdinand de Saussure’s notion of the signified, the chapter’s three polemic observations seek not only to present intellectual potentialities for grasping the documentarian as an abstract discursive entity par excellence, but also to describe how these three polemical positions are inherently interdependent. Section 2.1 describes the Documentarian-as-Imago; section 2.2 shifts to the Documentarian-as-Crisis-Author and Waste and culminates in section 2.3 with the Ethical Disposition of the Documentarian. A fuller description of each third of this tripartite set of argumentative mediations is presented below.

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