Insular Ischemic Stroke

  • Bing Yu Chen
  • Olivier Boucher
  • Christian Dugas
  • Dang Khoa Nguyen
  • Laura Gioia


While strokes involving the insula among other structures irrigated by the middle cerebral artery are common, isolated insular strokes are relatively rare and not well studied. Only case reports and small series of isolated insular or operculo-insular strokes can be found in the literature. Although these insular strokes are limited in size, they may result in a variety of deficits (somatosensory, motor, speech/language, vestibular, olfactory) in line with the multimodal role of the insula. Prognosis is generally good with rapid recovery within days albeit mild permanent deficits are occasionally encountered.


Insula Stroke Insular stroke Isolated insular stroke Insular ischemic stroke 


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