The Insular Cortex: Histological and Embryological Evaluation

  • Yigit Uyanikgil
  • Turker Cavusoglu
  • Servet Celik
  • Kubilay Dogan KilicEmail author
  • Mehmet Turgut


Following the development of the morphological sciences, the brain has been first anatomically and histologically evaluated. With the new technology, important information about physiology was obtained after CT, MR, and PET. The insula discovered by Johann Christian Reil protected the mystery until recent days. The main purpose of this book chapter is to gather information about the histology and development of the insula and to elaborate on its morphological concepts. Understanding the various pathologies and surgical procedures being performed in this area is useful for clinical and basic scientists.


Insular cortex histology von Economo neuron Insular cortex embryology 



Anterior cingulate cortex






Frontoinsular cortex




von Economo neurons


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