‘Heterotopian Transformations’: An Interview with Akira Takayama

  • Natsuko Odate
Part of the Avant-Gardes in Performance book series (AGP)


Akira Takayama explores cities and public spaces by applying a frame of heterotopia, derived from Michel Foucault’s concept, which allows audiences to experience a different way of viewing the cityscape where they wander. Takayama interprets heterotopia as an other space which does exist in reality. His creations are based on his perception of reality gained through extensive research with local researchers and collaborators. Taking examples from four Heterotopia projects as well as other recent works, including his new Wagner project, he discusses with Natsuko Odate how to defamiliarize the audience’s perception and how to keep transforming the public space not as a centripetal place but rather a centrifugal space to adopt a diversity that exists in our society.


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