Regional Development of Rural Areas and Promotion of Local Foods: Comparing the EU and US Approach

  • Elizabeth Dooley
  • Allison Condra
Part of the LITES - Legal Issues in Transdisciplinary Environmental Studies book series (LITES, volume 2)


There are significant differences between the systems of rural development and local food promotion within the United States and the European Union. Focusing on their various levels of government, namely the overarching US federal government and the supranational EU level, US states and EU Member States, and local level initiatives, there is a need to explore the various types of local food promotion: on-farm, off-farm, public procurement, etc. Some of the laws and policies to be assessed for their contribution to local food system promotion are: the Rural Development Programmes under the EU Common Agricultural Policy, the US Farm Bill, EU quality scheme regulations, and the Know-Your-Farmer Know-Your-Food program and Farmers Market Promotion Program in the US. This comparative analysis can demonstrate that the US is generally more focused on providing financial incentives to promote local food, while in the EU a regulatory approach alongside financial mechanisms is utilised. Both systems use technical assistance, awareness raising, local procurement and tailored food processing requirements for small local producers to promote local food, but with the LEADER programme emphasising local collaboration and development, the EU is also found to take more of a cooperative approach than the US.


Rural development Local food promotion Rural Development Programmes EU Common Agricultural Policy US Farm Bill 


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