Geo-political Factors

  • K. R. Rao


Definition of geopolitics (from Greek ge “earth, land” and politikē “politics”) is the study of the effects of geography (human and physical) on international politics and relations. The definition of the geo-political factors impacting wind energy option can be understood in two dimensions, namely, the geography being the landmass is the first dimension with the people being the second dimension. Instead of getting diverted by semantics, the implications of the energy option tend to be political whether one looks at who gains and who loses. These are not distinctly discernible, with gray areas which pertain to both losers and gainers often overlapping. For example, even some people in the richest nations such as in Texas tend to believe there is no global warming! India on the other hand says it has to catch up with the developing countries and in the process cannot discard the abundant coal that is locally available irrespective of the global warming issues. Likewise Brazil with its rain forests which are the world’s richest natural barriers to global warming does not intend to jump into deforestation for the benefit of the mankind. Thus, these are not the issues of the haves and have-nots but what they tend to lose by jumping into the global warming and related problems of this planet. In general, they are similar to plaques being slowly built up on the arterial blood stream of this planet, which some countries feel can be eradicated in course of time, but the question is if not today is not tomorrow too late?

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