Travel and Vaccination

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Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and foreign travel are associated with an increased risk of travel-related morbidity caused through exacerbations of IBD and acquisition of infectious diseases endemic to the destination and availability of healthcare and medicines whilst abroad (Sonnentag and Fritz, J Occup Health Psychol 12:204–221, 2007; Dolnicar et al., Ann Tour Res 39:59–83, 2012). Patients receiving immunosuppressive medication have an increased susceptibility to these infections in addition to an attenuated immune response to vaccinations. Awareness of the issues faced by the traveller with IBD is essential. The nurse working in IBD should be equipped with the knowledge and resources to provide advice, guidance and signpost to relevant organisations in order promote safe and informed travel.

This chapter aims to provide key information and practical guidance to enable effective pretravel advice and support.


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