Terrorism and Cross-Border Insurgency as New Threats and Challenges to Peace and Security in Africa: The Boko Haram Insurgency

  • Godwin O. Anyalemechi


The scourge of insurgencies and terrorism is rising in Africa. This development further threatens the already fragile peace, security, and stability of a continent that has seen more than its fair share of armed conflicts, whether as part of wars of national liberation or as part of the postcolonial upheavals that gripped many countries in Africa after independence. However, this new threat has two major characteristics: its cross-border nature and its links to religious terrorism as a motivation. In this contribution, I examine the Boko Haram insurgency and argue that the cross-border nature should be central in designing and implementing appropriate responses by relevant national, regional, and international stakeholders.


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  • Godwin O. Anyalemechi
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  1. 1.Nigerian Army School of Legal ServicesZariaNigeria

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