Working with Medical Directors and Treating Clinicians as Part of Value-Based Integrated Case Management

  • Roger G. Kathol
  • Rachel L. Andrew
  • Michelle Squire
  • Peter J. Dehnel

Chapter Objectives

  • To provide a synopsis of the Physician’s Guide, i.e., the treating clinician and case management leadership introduction to value-based integrated case management, including key features, operational aspects, and expected outcomes.

  • To appreciate the difference between Medical Directors of value-based integrated case management programs and treating clinicians with individuals participating in value-based integrated case management.

  • To discuss the important process of working with value-based integrated case management Medical Directors in maximizing participating individual outcomes.

  • To review how to work with treating clinicians of individuals agreeing to assistance and support by value-based integrated case managers.

  • Value-based integrated case management in programs without Medical Directors or treating clinician involvement.


VB-ICM Medical Directors Treating clinicians Maximizing VB-ICM outcomes 


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  • Rachel L. Andrew
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  • Michelle Squire
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  • Peter J. Dehnel
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