The Future of TNE

  • William Lawton
  • Vangelis Tsiligiris


Lawton and Tsiligiris discuss the relationship between transnational education (TNE) and mobility as a way of demonstrating how TNE continues to evolve. The traditional concept of TNE is export-led, based on one-way programme mobility and, according to some, “neo-colonialist”. This is inconsistent with the policy goals of countries that have traditionally imported Western higher education (HE) but aspire to develop their HE sectors in line with national and regional developmental objectives. Producer-consumer TNE models—such as franchising, validation, and distance education delivered online—will continue to represent a large chunk of TNE provision. But the future of TNE is likely to see more partnership-based and egalitarian models, such as dual degrees that incorporate student and staff mobility. The chapter includes a brief discussion of some likely impacts of Brexit on UK HE.


Transnational education Internationalisation strategies TNE partnership models TNE and mobility Brexit and higher education 


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  • Vangelis Tsiligiris
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  2. 2.Nottingham Trent UniversityNottinghamUK

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