Public Administration Leaders as Institutional Entrepreneurs: Dispute over the Location of a Marketplace

  • Marta Strumińska-Kutra


Interpretation of this case is built around the role of individuals and, specifically, of intra-organizational leaders in the processes of institutionalization and learning of new governance patterns. The analysis illustrates that even in the face of complex problems and public pressure for inclusion of external stakeholders, the shift from government to governance is neither obvious nor necessary. As the old, hierarchical ways remain the default option, whether the new way of governing will be enacted depends solely on the mobilization and purposive efforts of institutional entrepreneurs acting within the organizational structures of the administration.


Institutional entrepreneur Institutional void Leadership 


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  • Marta Strumińska-Kutra
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  1. 1.Kozminski UniversityWarsawPoland
  2. 2.VID Specialized UniversityOsloNorway

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